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Regarding Attorney Nicholas F. Gansner Criminal Defense Work:


 “When I learned my disabled son was facing spending the rest of his life in prison I felt helpless. I didn’t know where to begin or who to turn to for help.

I was scared for him because I knew he didn’t understand the seriousness of what he was facing and I had no control over his fate.

I spent a lot of time on the internet looking at law firm websites, reading their reviews and calling.

After talking to many law firms and explaining the charges against my son and his cognitive disability I felt hopeless. I was told things like “Those are some serious charges and usually they don’t have good outcomes”, “These are really tough cases and difficult to prove.” “You’re likely not going to get the outcome you’re hoping for”. They were willing to take on the case but I felt like they thought it was a lost cause.

Then I called Nicholson Goetz & Otis, S.C. and spoke with James the office manager who was kind, helpful, and reassuring.
Attorney Gansner was thought to be a good fit for my son’s case. At our first meeting I felt he heard me and that he could see what I was seeing, that my son did not comprehend. He said he would do his best to get the best possible outcome for my son. After a couple more interactions with Attorney Gansner I was confident he was doing his best and working hard to get the best possible outcome.

Attorney Gansner stayed true to his word. He worked hard and he delivered. He found the best expertise to prove his argument of my son’s case.

The judge ruled my son was unable to be brought to competency for trial and suspended proceedings against him.

I am ever so thankful for Attorney Gansner’s dedication, honesty, and kindness.

Thank you Attorney Gansner!”


“Thank you for representing our family member and being such a remarkable advocate. Your care and concern for not only our family member, but our entire family, was truly more than I could have ever asked for. Your hard work and legal expertise went above and beyond and we will forever be grateful for your assistance. Because of your dedication, our family member was able to receive the best possible outcome. You don’t know how much your passion impacts the lives of so many and I am so appreciative of all the time you spent on us. Again, Thank you for everything!”

Regarding Attorney Jessa Nicholson, Criminal Defense Work:

“Jessa Nicholson made me feel like I was her most important client. From pre-trial litigation through settlement she fiercely advocated for me at every step. She knows the law intimately and explored every strategy. And she usually wins. I don’t intend to need a criminal attorney again but, if I do, Jessa will be my fist and only phone call.

If you need an attorney, you need to make only one call— to Jessa Nicholson. She is simply the best. She has represented me for almost 10 years and I recommend her to everyone I know looking for legal help and advice. Her energy, fierceness, loyalty and sense of justice show in everything she does. Jessa is respected in the legal community and her clients feel a peace of mind the minute she walks in a room. Call Jessa Nicholson. You will be so glad you did.”

— F.R.

“Back in October of 2011, I was involved in criminal damage to property and was originally charged with a felony. My friend referred Jessa Nicholson to me because he stated, ‘She’s the best.’ After today, I can vouch for that statement and completely agree that Jessa is the best. She was able to lower my original charge down to a misdemeanor prior to my initial court date. At the settlement conference today, she was able to get my charge down to an ordinance violation and now I do not have any criminal offenses on my record. Jessa was awesome to work with and really saved my life!”

— N.G.

“I worked with Jessa on two occasions and I have the utmost respect for her as an attorney. Jessa was articulate and detailed. She was patient with all my questions and listened intently while I expressed my thoughts. She never made me feel like she didn’t have time to address my concerns and explained all legalities until they were clear.
I would recommend Jessa based on her talent and professionalism as an attorney. I now consider her a friend because she cared enough to be one!”

— C.K.

“I was facing the loss of my children and freedom because of a DUI charge. I chose attorney Jessa Nicholson as my legal counsel by a stroke of luck. If I had researched her background, I would have discovered Ms. Nicholson is a top-notch, common-sense attorney who is understanding, honest and a straight shooter. I was especially impressed by how the judge and court respected attorney Nicholson, which speaks volumes of how she professionally conducts herself in court and out. Jessa knew from her experience how emotional these proceedings were for me. I remember Ms. Nicholson saying ‘I’ll do the worrying for you,’ and I trusted her to let her. It was a wise decision.

My life has changed for the better having Jessa Nicholson as my attorney. She saved me from being a sinking ship, feeling alone and hopeless against my charges. I never had to lose my children, freedom or dignity. I can’t thank attorney Nicholson enough. Hopefully I will never have another legal problem in my life, but there is no one I would consider going to other than attorney Jessa Nicholson.”

— M.K.

“Ms. Nicholson took charge of my situation while I was out of the country for an extended absence. She kept me closely informed and ultimately got my OWI dismissed. I’m grateful for her comprehension and professionalism.”

— M.B.

“Jessa and Nate are a fierce pair of warriors in the courtroom. Their knowledge about the law and trial strategy made me feel confident all the way through trial. I would recommend them to anyone looking to win. “

— A.M.

Regarding Attorney Jessa Nicholson, Family Law Work:

“I was lucky enough to have a referral to Jessa when deciding on a divorce. I had met with a few other attorneys previous to her and felt a good connection with in that Jessa had an even head to assist me with making it through the process quickly and fairly.

She helped and facilitated discussions between my ex-spouse and myself that allowed us to proceed and finalize in what felt like record time. Other friends who have been through the process are amazed at how quick and amicable the process was given the personality I was divorcing. I attribute that to Jessa.

I had family concerned that my attorney would have a main interest in pushing points just for the sake of incurring a larger bill. Jessa was very good about helping me discern what to fight for and what to let go, landing me a speedier process with items of most concern like child placement in my favor.

I often refer her to folks I know in need of an attorney and look to her for needs as they arise.”

— J.S.

“In my opinion, Jessa Nicholson not only is an exceptional attorney, but a person with integrity. She represented me in my child custody arrangement and a claim with a local service company. Jessa Nicholson is who I turn to with ANY legal need because I trust her advice explicitly.”

— M.H.

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