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I Know What's Wrong With Your Child: An Open Letter To Divorcing Parents

On an almost daily basis, our office is inundated with phone calls and emails from clients and potential clients reporting that they are seeing negative behavioral changes in their children as a result of their pending or (sometimes not so) recent divorce. Over and over again, our attorneys are asked if we can shed some light on why a child who never previously got into trouble at school is becoming a regular in morning detention, why the A student is slipping to Bs and Cs, or why a previously talkative child has become shy and withdrawn. From the hundreds of family court cases I have handled, I'm confident I know the answer to these questions, and more. I'm equally assured that the answer will not be popular.

Divorce Myths: "You'll never see the kids again"!

A divorce is rarely an easy process but it tends to become even more difficult and complex when children are involved. At the start of a divorce, or custody battle, one of the most common things our office hears from clients is that the child's other parent is threatening to get full placement and never let them see the child again. If this sounds like a situation that you are, you can pause here to let out a sigh of relief. It is very unlikely a court would deny a parent placement, unless there have been serious acts of domestic violence or child abuse within the marriage.

5 Ways To Make Your Divorce Easier

One of the hardest things about handling a divorce is separating the emotional aspects of the action with the more pragmatic, nuts-and-bolts division of assets and debts. Why do some divorces last for years and lead to seemingly endless litigation, whereas others appear to resolve "without a hitch"?

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