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April 2014 Archives

Pressing Charges

In Wisconsin when there is a domestic incident and the police are called, someone is going to get arrested. This does not necessarily mean that someone is going to be charged, but it is does typically result in someone being removed from the residence, or area, by the police. Some of these incidents are the result of arguments or disagreements that get out of hand, and typically one of these individuals has been consuming alcohol. Statements are taken from both parties, and based off of that information the police often times take someone into custody.

A Party...To A Crime

Parents everywhere have said "be careful of the company you keep", or some variation of it, going back decades. When we were kids, it probably was meant to dissuade us from being friends with the kid who was constantly getting into trouble and breaking the rules. Most of the time, that warning probably went unheard; I know it did for me. However there is some solid advice to that statement, especially if that you are with someone who is committing a crime. Not only could you be a witness, but you can even be charged with the same crime, even if you were just driving the car, or simply were just there.

But that's mine!

In a criminal case often times evidence is collected from the defendant. Depending on the type of case and how the defendant was taken into custody, which could mean any items you have on your person at the time of arrest, or items from your vehicle or home. In some cases, the police might have property that does contain evidence, and thus they will want to make sure they get everything of evidentiary value. On a computer this might be e-mail, photographs, videos or text documents, phones may have text messages, voicemails, or photographs. While you may know that there is nothing that relates to your case in evidence, the police often times don't and will not release your property to you. A frequent question that we get is "when can I get my stuff back?"

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