Wisconsin municipalities may gain additional charging rights

The Wisconsin Assembly has recently passed a bill, which would widen municipalities’ ability to impose marijuana ordinances – even after district attorneys turn down prosecution. This proposal could create further challenges for those arrested or cited for possession of marijuana.

As the law currently stands, cities can implement ordinances that disallow “the possession of 25 grams or less of marijuana” or synthetic forms of the drug. However, local cities are not allowed to charge a suspect that possesses more than that amount or a person facing a second offense for possession of any quantity.

However, the new bill would allow municipalities to enact ordinances that forbid the possession of any total. They could also be capable of prosecuting second offenses, allowing municipalities the liberty to pursue cases even when prosecutors let go of charges.

The Senate approved the bill in September 2013. It moved to the Assembly in January 2014, and it has recently been approved. The bill now moves to Governor Scott Walker. If the bill is signed, the law will create further legal risk for those suspected of possessing marijuana.

Drug charges in Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin is a huge college town. The university has an exceptional academic reputation. It is also known for being a party school. When students are young and having fun, they are bound to make mistakes. Taking risks and making poor choices is not uncommon. However, those students suspected of drug crimes should be cautious. The consequences associated with a conviction could damage your academic record, your ability to pay for school, and your future.

Specifically, a conviction for drugs can prevent a student from receiving federal financial loans. This could close the door on a bright future. Therefore, those facing charges for a drug offense should work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. As laws continue to evolve, criminal suspects face a variety of hurdles and consequences. Many students are unaware of the challenges that a defendant can face.

Ultimately, the consequences of misjudgment at a young age should not shadow you for the rest of your life. The best thing to do is limit the effect of any charge with the help of a legal professional. If you would like to learn more, speak with a qualified criminal law attorney in the area. A lawyer can assess whether the new marijuana law proposal could potentially influence your matter.

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