Do You Need to Modify Placement/Custody? Our Attorneys Can Help.

Life never goes quite as you expect it to. When you created your placement plan, life was one way. Today, it's another. Perhaps your child wants to spend more time with you. Or perhaps you or the other parent needs to move out of town. Whatever has changed, your placement/custody order needs to change with it.

Unfortunately, the courts do not make it easy to change placement/custody, especially if you and the other parent disagree. It can feel like returning to the battleground all over again. At Nicholson, Gansner & Otis, S.C., in Madison, our attorneys have spent years in the trenches of the justice system. We know the law and we know what it takes to get in, get results and get out so that our clients can focus on the rest of their lives.

Wisconsin's Law on Child Custody Modification

Under Wisconsin family law, you must usually wait two years after your placement order was created to seek a modification of that order. There are exceptions, such as in cases where the child faces physical or emotional harm, but you must typically wait the full two years before you can request a legal change.

After the two years, you can request a modification if you can show:

  • There has been a substantial change in circumstances since the order was created or last changed.
  • The requested modification is in the child's best interests.

Proving that you need a modification — or contesting a modification — requires facts. Our lawyers will take the time to gather data and prepare a compelling argument for or against modification.

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