Violent Felonies And Weapons Offenses

At the Nicholson, Gansner & Otis, S.C., we represent clients accused of violent felonies in Wisconsin state courts. Each case is different, but many defendants share the same concerns. They worry about the impact of a conviction on their families and their futures. They worry about whether they are going to jail and for how long they may be incarcerated. They worry about what life may be like for them when they get out of jail.

Located in Madison, we can answer many of these questions. We can also take forceful and effective action to achieve the best possible outcomes in these serious cases. We may be able to have charges dismissed prior to trial. We may also be able to have defendants acquitted in a trial.

To achieve the best possible results, we begin with a forceful and complete trial preparation from the moment we take your case. We gather information about your background and the events that led up to the offense. Every detail is critical. Each one gives us the opportunity to introduce reasonable doubt into the minds of jurors.

Using Affirmative Defenses To Protect Your Rights

We often explain to clients that each case is unique and arises from a unique set of facts. Sometimes, the truth is that you did act violently — but that you needed to due to the circumstances. The courts understand this. In Wisconsin, courts will allow defendants to use affirmative defenses — such as self-defense or the defense of another — to protect themselves from allegations of involvement in violent offenses. If you have been accused, talk with a lawyer at our Madison law firm about your situation.

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