You have probably heard about stalking on television and in the media. You may have an idea or an image of what stalking is. But the reality is, under Wisconsin law, the crime of stalking is likely much different than what you imagine stalking to be. The legal definition of stalking is likely much lower than what you expect.

Stalking Is A Complex Crime

Stalking cases are very difficult and complicated to handle. They are often, though not always, considered crimes of domestic abuse under Wisconsin law. Because of the complexity of the stalking statute, the sensitive nature of the allegations, and the serious potential consequences, you need a lawyer with experience in this specific criminal charge. Your lawyer must thoroughly understand the many subsections of the stalking statute, the various elements of the crime that the state must prove, and the defenses available to you under law. Your lawyer must have all of the following in order to return a successful verdict:

  • A mastery of the rules of evidence
  • The experience necessary to appropriately handle very intimate and sensitive matters
  • The ability to be respectful of the complainant in front of the jury while still vigorously defending your rights

The attorneys at Nicholson, Gansner & Otis, S.C., have that experience, that understanding, that mastery, and that ability. We have extensive experience handling stalking charges, with a reputation for obtaining favorable results for clients charged with violent and sensitive matters.

Stalking Penalties In Wisconsin

A stalking charge carries with it significant potential penalties, as well as potentially life-altering collateral consequences. Stalking is a felony that carries all of the following possible consequences:

On top of these penalties, there is the stigma of a potential conviction of a crime called "stalking."

If you are being investigated for stalking or have been charged with stalking, you need to protect and defend your rights. You need an attorney standing by your side who has experience defending and protecting clients against stalking charges. Talk with a Wisconsin stalking attorney about the allegations and charges against you. Call the attorneys at Nicholson, Gansner & Otis, S.C., today for a free 30-minute initial and confidential consultation about your case or contact us online.