Sex Crimes

Criminal cases involving sex crimes are difficult cases to win. People often assume that a person is guilty — just because he or she has been accused. Worse, the consequences of a conviction can include a 40-year sentence and a lifetime on the sex offender registry. A charge can truly change a life. That is why it's critical to fight allegations aggressively.

At the Nicholson, Gansner & Otis, S.C., we have developed a reputation for success in sex crime cases. We are aggressive and experienced in these often sensitive matters, both at the pretrial stage and at trial.

Our Madison, Wisconsin, law firm handles many different sex crimes in Wisconsin state courts, from sexual assault to possession of child pornography. We are dedicated to achieving the best possible results for people charged with crimes such as:

  • Date rape
  • Sexual assault of intoxicated or unconscious victims
  • Sexual assault of a young adult, teen or child (often called "statutory rape")
  • Sexual assault with a deadly weapon/forcible rape
  • Child molestation
  • Lewd and lascivious
  • Possession or distribution of child pornography

For more information read our Article: "I didn't do it!": Protecting yourself against false sexual assault accusations.

It's a common occurrence: Many people face false allegations of involvement in a sex crime during a divorce. One spouse wants to deny the other child custody and parenting time, or to gain leverage in property division, so he or she accuses the other. Our law firm handles family law issues as well as issues of criminal defense, so we are well prepared to defend clients who have been accused of child molestation, or who have been served with a domestic battery restraining order as well as their divorce paperwork.

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